Current River Floating & Tubing Options


Even if you are passing through the Van Buren area, come take a relaxing tube trip - floating the crystal clear Current River. We provide different tube choices and a variety of tube trips to select from:

Tube Selection


Black inner-tubes in which you sit directly in the water.


Adds a canvas cover for that "Cadillac" level of comfort! In addition to protecting you from the heat of the tube itself, the canvas cover supports your body, lifting you further out of the water.

WE HAVE 2 NEW TYPES OF TUBES! Enjoy a float trip with our NEW Vinyl Lazy Boy Tube that includes a backrest and cup holder and/or take a TubeTracker out!

Float Trips

Below are our most popular float trips both to and from Big Spring RV Camp (BSRVC). All floats are guided by your own pace and there's never a rush to finish. YES, we do rent and haul tubes to customers that are not staying at Big Spring RV Camp. Come take a float trip with us!

Trip #1 - Waymeyer to BSRVC
  • Approximate Float Time: 6-7 Hours
  • Description: For those River Rats who want a full day of fun and floating, this trip is for you! Pack your coolers with your favorite beverages, lunch and snacks!
  • Regular Tube: $16
  • Cadillac Tube: $18
  • Lazy Boy Tube: $20

Trip #2 - Raft Yard to BSRVC
  • Approximate Float Time: 3-4 Hours
  • Description: Our most popular float route. Pack your coolers with all the goodies and get ready to enjoy the river! Remember, there are plenty of gravel bars along the way so get ready to stop, relax and enjoy.
  • Regular Tube: $14
  • Cadillac Tube: $16
  • Lazy Boy Tube: $18

Trip #3 - BSRVC to Big Spring
  • Approximate Float Time: 2-3 Hours
  • Description: The shortest of all the options, this float trip is for those who want to jump right in the water and depart from BSRVC. Also perfect for first-time floaters of the Current River. But remember, since there's no pre-set deadlines at BSRVC, you're always able to extend your float by as long as you'd like. So feel free to stop and relax on the beautiful gravel bars along the way.
  • Regular Tube: $12
  • Cadillac Tube: $14
  • Lazy Boy Tube: $16


Trip #4 - Option Float:  Raftyard to Big Spring Landing #1
  • This tube trip combines Trip #2 and Trip #3. It is the same price as Trip #1 and
  • is about the same float in river miles. It provides the option to stop by BSRVC for a break, picnic lunch, or a chance for any of those in your group who have had enough floating for the day to call it quits.

    Cooler tubes are available for $6.00/each for any float option.

    Van Buren is located on the crystal clear Current River in the heart of Missouri's scenic Ozarks. Even in late summer there is plenty of water flowing along this section of Current River. No need to worry about dragging or walking unless you take the wrong split in the river.

    Within the section of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways above Big Spring Landing #1, the National Park Service prohibits the use of boats with large outboard or inboard motors.

    We own and operate our own tube trip business out of Big Spring RV Camp. As a contracted Concessioner of the National Park Service, we are authorized to provide tube rental and shuttle services within the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, a unit of the National Park Service.

    - We assist people in selecting the right float trip

    - We assist in the selection of tubes and reserve them in preparation for trips

    - In busy periods we schedule appointments for groups that want to get out and on the water early

    - In summary, we do whatever we can to prevent/limit wait times!

    We hope you stop by for a Current River tube trip!

    Float Trips

    Click Map for Print Version Float Trips

    All float durations are approximate and may change with water level conditions.
    Rates are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

    Things You Should Know Before Your Tube Float

    Big Spring RV Camp is authorized within Ozark National Scenic Riverways to provide tube rentals and shuttle service.